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What's the aim of this project ?
To make an open sourced Atlas distributable under GPL.

What platforms are going to be supported ?
Linux(X Windows) and Windows, possibly other platforms.

How many people are working on this project ?
At the moment just me :-)

I'm writing this FAQ before the project's real launch, hopefully that number will go up in the near future.

What programming language is going to be used ?
Currently this hasn't been decided, but I'm thinking about tcl/tk primarily with a later port to C maybe with GTK (So that it can be compiled and made available to a wider audience).

Where's the data coming from ?
At the present most of our data is going to come from the CIA World FactBook 2000, which has been released as public domain.
(Most of the data being maps, flags and information about the country)

Hosted by:
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What features will it have ?

Current targets are:

The ability to...

...Have maps which can link to each other via country/city names. (i.e on a map of Europe you can click on the names of the individual countries to change to a localized map)

...Show Flags of countries

...Play national anthems of countries

...Display textual/statistical information about that area

...Handle latitude/longtude co-ordinated

...Handle time zones

...Calculate distances between any two places given their longitude/latitude.

...Display information in multiple languages

...Use multiple data sets (So you can use alternative maps, e.g. historical or fictional maps.)

Although remember the project is still in the design phase so these may change.

© 2001 Imran Ghory (Project founder)