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Webpage completed -- 03/05/2001 21:58
The first version of this webpage has been completed, feel free to explore :-)

OpenAtlas on Sourceforge -- 02/28/2001 18:01
An OpenAtlas sourceforge account has been created, it can be accessed via here

Political maps obtained -- 02/27/2001 23:00
Managed to get hold of a large collection of political maps that are both recent (2000) and free (PD).

Project idea first intiated -- 02/25/2001 21:20
First had the idea for this project after I couldn't find any open source Atlases and started investigating resources we could use.

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What is it ?
OpenAtlas is a GPLed computer World Atlas, currently it is in the planning stage, if you want to join this project see the development page (it doesn't matter if you can't program, open source development is more then just programming :-)

What's the page for?
Along with the sourceforge page, this page is intended to be the base of the OpenAtlas project to attract developers and users to the project.

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